General questions

We transacted over 16,000 transactions for over 7,000,000 USD.
We are doing all transactions on your accounts, so there is no risk of us disappearing with money.
For any customer transacting over 1000 payments/payouts per month we deliver separate server free of charge (you can pay 1000 USD fee upfront to get it instantly) - your data won't be accessible for more than 1-2 people on earth.
All our servers are secured by professionals with >15 years experience in IT field.
Payout servers are not accessible from the internet at all (only through VPN).
We are definitely safe.
At the moment no. We are only working with bitcoins, but fees are paid in USD. We can recommend you services where you can get USD or other currencies for your Bitcoins.
Yes, with guaranteed response in 24 hours. For customers with more than 1000 payments/payouts a month, 24 hour hotline available. (You can pay 1000 USD fee upfront to get it instantly)


Absolutely ANYONE. It's your own responsibility for what you are collecting money. We only provide the tools your business need.
No you don't. We are using your accounts, so technically, we are not paying you, even if we help you accept payments. You are paying us the fees (at the end of the month).
You can download private keys to any account we use to collect payments at any moment. We are the only solution on the marked allowing this. We are collecting money on YOUR accounts. So you have full control of your bitcoins at any moment.
User will receive email and see some options on the screen.
He can choose what he wants to do.
If he paid not enough:
  • He can get his money back (minus miners fee and our provision - 0.45%)
  • he can pay the missing amount

If he paid too much:
  • He can get his overpaid money back (minus miners fee and our provision - 0.45% for the overpaid money) if it will be more than 0
  • He can leave it for future payments for the same customer (if customer chooses this option)
In both cases this is your money! Our automated system will pay it back to the customer if needed, but it stays on your account until resolved. So you can pay it out at any moment if you want to.
You can set account where all (finished) payments will be redirected.
You can set how much money goes directly to the mass payout account if you want to use it (from 0 to 100%, or automatically).
But if you wan't, you can always download private keys and use all our accounts as your own.
You will get invoice at the end of the month. Yes, you are NOT billed instantly. Everything is yours for the whole month!
You need to pay the invoice in 7 days from receiving it, otherwise we will block all payments/payouts.

(Mass) Payouts

You don't have to. We are the only solution that allows you to use your own account. You create a wallet at one of leading bitcoin wallet providers or send us private key to your newly created bitcoin account. We can create wallet/bitcoin account for you too. We make payouts using your account. If you want to block us - you can do it at any moment, just change your password or account settings. You are always in control. 100% of the money stays on your accounts.
We can send your payouts in batches of 50-100 payouts at once. For you it's very simple - you can make single payouts, and we will merge them and send every 15 minutes. Miners fees can be as low as 9 cents or less pro payout (+ our fee). We really recommend this. We have seen many companies sending payouts with 70 cents fee per payout!
You will get SMS+Email Notification free of charge. Your payouts will be stopped but will be continued after the money is on your account.